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If you have an old-fashion grandma, chances are that she is a passionate knitter or crocheter. There is something very idyllic about a grandma knitting on a rocking chair while the young children play around her. I bet that there are a lot of people that have that image in their head when they think about their careless childhood days in grandma’s house. Well, if this is the case for you, it is time to show your grandma just how much you care for her. We have some knitting gift ideas that are guaranteed to make her happy.

1. A yarn bowl

While it is not an indispensable knitting accessory, the yarn bowl can prove to be very useful. For starters, it will prevent the yarn from twisting, rolling and ultimately getting all tangled up. It will also prevent it from getting dirty or damaged when it rolls on the floor, not to mention that it will eliminate an annoying distraction. Yarn bowls are very affordable, and they come in numerous shapes and sizes.

2. Quality yarn

Grandmas are not known for being big spenders, so it is very unlikely for your grandmother to invest in good yarn. In fact, she probably buys the cheapest one, because older generations are not used to invest a lot in their hobbies. As such, you could surprise her with some higher quality yarn like cashmere or silk yarn. We are certain that any passionate knitter would like to work with high quality fabrics, but not everyone can afford to buy them.

3. Personalized knitting items

Nowadays, you can personalize almost everything, from cups, to t-shirts, pillows, clocks, and much more. The trick is to find some funny or loving messages to print on different items. If you are looking for some inspiration consider these messages: “Knitting is cheaper than therapy”, “If I’m sitting, I’m knitting”, “To knit or not to knit”, “Knitting is my happy place” or “All I knit is love”. Personalized gifts are always well received because they show that you actually put some thought into the gift. Moreover, they are a great way to celebrate someone’s hobby, and if you choose a practical item like a mug, your grandma will always remember you when she is using that item.

4. A knitting machine

If your grandma has arthritis or another illness which prevents her from knitting as often as she would like, a knitting machine will give her the opportunity to still make quality garments, without putting so much effort into them.

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