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The loss of a close family member usually negatively affects the entire family. After such events, the family will undergo a process named “role reorganization” and it has the scope of helping all family members to find their places in the new circumstances. The family, regardless of their grieving, has to re-enter the rhythm and balance that existed previously to the family member passing away. While not all families are aware that this process takes place, it is a highly necessary one, for the whole structure to properly function once again. Below are some strategies that will help families that find themselves in such situations to re-enter their course.

Understand and accommodate children’s feelings and needs

Parents usually try to protect their children from the trauma of losing a person they loved. However, in many children’s case, the overly-protective parental instincts make it more difficult for them to grieve, which is absolutely necessary when such events appear. In many cases, children respond similarly to adults at the loss of someone. However, they have a different level of understanding when it comes to life and its finality. To help them cope better with the loss, try the following.

  • Make them understand that they are not the only ones feeling and experiencing this pain.
  • Help them understand what death means. If it helps, book an appointment with one of the online psychics available out there and have them communicate with the deceased. This will offer them more closure and will help them understand better the process.
  • Help them understand what happens to the body of the deceased when they die. You could simply explain to them that their bodies stopped working.
  • Reassure them that they will be ok. Sometimes, especially really small children tend to fear their and their family’s safety after losing another family member or relative. It is important to let them know that they are safe, just as other family members are.

Dealing with a loss as adults

People have different coping mechanisms and heal differently, at different times. The process can take a relatively long time, and it is not a pre-established timetable to deal with loss. While at the beginning people tend to feel miserable 24/7, gradually they will start having several hours a day when they feel better, then several weeks, then months and ultimately, they will come to accept the facts as they are. However, try not to force the process and let everybody deal with it on their own terms and timetable. The suggestions below might help enormously.

  • Talk about the member that died with other family members;
  • Express what the person meant to you and tell stories about your interactions with them;
  • Plan ahead for the holidays as these can be incredibly difficult after the loss of someone.

These are some strategies to keep a family close together after the loss of a loved one. While these can be incredibly difficult times for everybody, try to cope with it in a healthy fashion.

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