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Jump starting a car made easy

September - 22 - 2017

If you are interested in the methods of jump starting a car correctly, without any kind of unwanted events, you are in the right place. This is a mini-guide to help you get through the whole process easily. When you are respecting each and every step without hurrying, you are going to obtain exactly the expected results. Firstly, you will need to be aware of the fact that jump starting a car cannot be done with some sort of knowledge in this field. In case you are going to make a mistake or do something the way it isn’t supposed to be done, your batteries can explode. Try keeping your owners’ manual close by for this operation and check out these few steps:


There is a flat battery and a good one that should be connected properly. In order to do that, simply check out what the positive terminal of the flat battery is and connect the red jump lead to it. After that, on the opposite case, check the positive terminal of the good battery and connect the secondary end of the lead to it. Next, move on to the black lead and connect the ends to the negative terminal that the good battery has. The other end will be connected to a bolt, away from the battery or the fuel system. Check the connections twice and you are ready to go to the next them. Be careful: connecting the batteries wrong can get both of them to break, or even worse, to explode. Make sure everything is alright before attempting the next step. In case you find it troubling, try reading more guides on how to jump start a car.

Starting the car  

Leave both cars running for a few moments and then turn off the engines and start removing the leads the opposite way that you did last time: start with the second end of the black lead and move onto the first end of the red lead. The leads should not touch each other in anyway and they should be kept as far away from the car as possible while removing them.  After you completed the removal, you can begin trying to turn on the engine on the car which previously couldn’t start. In case it doesn’t start, you should try the whole process again or see a garage specialist to help you through it.

The secret is to follow each step correctly, because connecting the batteries wrong will either result in the engine not starting or much more dangerous consequences. If you feel like you are not capable of completing these steps, see a specialist in the first place and try following each and every action he does. This way, you will learn how to do it and you will be prepared in case it happens some other time. Knowing basic notions about your car is paramount, because not being able to recognize mechanical parts of the car will stop you from jump starting a car correctly.

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