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There are many things around a typical home that many people no longer use, but still don’t feel like taking them to the dumpster. Whether it is because they feel that those items still have a certain value or they don’t feel comfortable throwing them away, they always end up in a garage box, just taking up space. Scrap metal recycling Scarborough companies accept so many household items that can be found in almost any home and no longer have a purpose that you will be surprised to see how much money you can make by simply recycling some of these items:

Old door knobs

Whether they came with the house but you decided to replace them with something else or they were no longer functioning properly, everyone has hidden in a box somewhere a couple of door knobs that they no longer use. A recycling company can make an appealing offer for those metal door knobs and you will be disposing of them in a responsible manner. Old knobs are great for recycling because they contain metals that can be used for various purposes.


Various appliances

Whenever you have just bought a new fridge or washing machine, you cannot just take the old fridge to the dumpster, because you are likely to get a fine, but you can’t keep it in the house for space reasons. Again, scrap recycling companies are always more than happy to take from your hands whatever appliance you may have around your house. They will put to good use all the metal parts inside your old appliance and you will have the peace of mind that you have taken the right decision for the environment.


Old cutlery

If you are tired of your old cutlery, rather than taking them to the dumpster, you can just call a recycling company. Since tableware is usually pretty heavy, you are bound to make a nice profit by selling them. In any case, you will be saving the environment and give someone the chance to make something useful out of something that you no longer need.


These are just a few items that you can recycle around your house. When you need some extra money for a personal project, there is always something that you can recycle around the house. You will be doing the environment a favour and you will have some extra money to do something that you love.

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