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Swimming is recommended at any age because it has good health effects, strengthens the muscles, raises resistance, develops the lungs and teaches us to breathe correctly. Some people practice swimming as a passion, others to get fit, but it`s a fast and efficient method to maintain a good health.
There are a lot of good opinions on the idea of starting swimming from a young age, but before choosing what`s best for our children we must take into consideration some aspects.

Infant swimming benefits

Swimming from a young age can be a good method to create a healthy lifestyle for children because it physically develops their bodies and minds. It teaches them that health has a high priority in their lives and helps them always choose what is best for them. As they start growing up, swimming develops their intelligence and helps them be more self-confident. Spending a lot of time in water kicking, gliding and smacking the water can help their brain create billions of new neurons and also stimulates all the five senses (smell, touch, sound, sight, and taste).

Teaching babies how to swim can promote bonding too, touching them, talking to them, enjoying all the moments that you spend with them.
In water, infants can learn balance and coordination. The motion and sensation of the water give them self-awareness and confidence that is unique. They can develop better the language, as they start taking swimming classes. Repetition and word association is part of the learning process while moving around the pool. Swimming stimulates their appetite and improves sleeping because it engages the whole body.

Infant swimming risks

If you have a home pool, you will spend a lot of time in the pool with the kid, especially in the summertime.You always want your kids to be safe because their health and also yours is very important in all circumstances. You don`t want to expose the little one to dirt, allergens or anything like that.
The water in the pool can be contaminated with any organic material like bird-droppings, dead organisms, even rain that can be infested with fungi. Make sure they are safe while swimming, by regularly cleaning the pool. The most efficient and easy way to do this is to buy a tool that can do it for you. A good pool cleaning gadget can clean all the dirt and trash from your pool. Take your time and choose one that fits your needs best.
For example, the pressure side cleaner uses the water from your pump and filter system to power the cleaner. It runs around the pool and pulls in its filter all the garbage found, it has low maintenance, it`s easy to use and can collect a large amount of debris.

Or you can choose a robotic pool cleaner that doesn`t use the pool pumping system. It uses a low voltage transformer and it has its own motor to drive the wheels and its own pump to lift the dirt off the ground into the filter basket.
These gadgets have different prices and features, and it`s recommended to ask a specialist`s opinion and choose a proper one for your pool dimensions and filter system.

Facts to consider

It`s essential to pack all the things you will need when you leave the house. A warm bottle in case of bottle feeding, clean towels, and you might also need a few toys to create a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Never let infants out of your arm’s reach while playing in the water, as it`s important to be careful with your moves and not lose them from your sight.

If you want to start teaching an infant to swim and choose a pool that is not yours, ask the pool attendant if the water contains chlorine. Try to avoid any perfumes or lotions that they can smell or swallow or can be harmful in any way for children.
Be very careful with the temperature of the pool, make sure it is warm enough, and keep moving. If the infant is under 1 year old it`s very important to stay no longer than 30 minutes in water.
Don`t forget sun protection. It`s recommended to ask a pediatrician what sunscreen is better for children, especially if they`re under six months old because the sun can be very harmful. Don`t go swimming if it`s too hot, it could be dangerous for you and the baby too.

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