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When it comes to furniture styles, some trends are here to stay. Choosing items that are versatile and stylish will give you the chance of creating that picture-perfect interior design, without putting much effort into coming up with the perfect combinations. Some furniture items, such as a Barcelona leather chair, can be easily added to any décor style, whether it is modern, classic or minimalist. If you want to make a change in your interior design, then choose classic furniture items that will work for any style.

Leather chair – a timeless item

When it comes to versatile furniture items, you cannot go wrong with a leather chair. Regardless what colour or dimension you choose, it can be beautifully combined with any item you might have in your décor. It can easily fit in a modern decor or a more classic one, being  an essential element of the living room. You can play with textures and colours throughout the room to create a fashionable and modern effect. The best part about a leather chair is that you can place it anywhere in the room. Either besides your sofa or in a corner near a coffee table, it will look perfect, regardless of where you place it. So if you are looking for an iconic furniture item that will work for your décor, a leather chair is definitely the way to go.

Day bed – the ideal living room element

Even though day beds have reached the interior design trends recently, they have quickly become one of the most popular choices in terms of furniture. A leather day bed is not only fashionable, but it can make any dull décor instantly stand out. With a day bed, you can create endless interior design combinations. A black Barcelona day bed will go perfectly with soft neutrals furniture items and white walls. If your décor is colourful and explosive, leather furniture items will be the perfect addition, bringing the entire décor together. Regardless of the combinations you choose, a day bed is definitely an item you need to have; just one element such as this one can do wonders for your interior design.

Coffee table – living room centrepiece

Any living room is certainly incomplete without a coffee table. This element is not only practical, but it ties together all the other furniture items in the room. A glass coffee table is definitely an item that will work for any decor and will never go out of style. If you are not sure what coffee table will be suitable for your lounge area, then opt for a glass one and you cannot go wrong. Creating the perfect décor combinations is an easy job, with the right furniture items. Look for a supplier that can put at your disposal a variety of items, and choose the ones that you like best. Make sure you only opt for top-quality furniture, and add to your décor the elements that were missing.

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