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Drinking is a normal habit for mature people and many researchers have claimed that a glass of wine per day has numerous health benefits. If it is quite easy to recognize an occasional drinker, when it comes to chronic drinkers, this might be a lot harder to tell. If you suspect you or someone close to you might not have the best relationship with alcohol, web pages like can provide some indicators and help in this matter. Below are some indicators of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

1. You have alcohol cravings

Just as craving for sugar might signal some imbalance in the body, same does craving for alcohol. Craving for such things is not natural. If you ever found yourself uncontrollably wishing you had a glass of vodka, for example, this might be a warning signal for you. If thinking about alcohol interferes with your daily activities like job or quality time with your loved ones, this is not a good sign. Furthermore, if you go on and have that drink and your body asks you for more, you should try to find some help. Discuss this with your family and find support. Being honest with yourself is a good start.

2. You always seem to need alcohol to have fun

If you never go out with your friends with your car so you can have a few drinks, this is another warning sign. It is okay to occasionally have a few drinks when going out, but if this is continuously perpetuating it might signal a drinking problem. Not being able to unwind and have fun without alcohol is not normal. You make out of going out just a way to satisfy your needs and not to socialize with some good company. Furthermore, if you find it hard to stop from drinking once you start and finally find yourself next morning on your sofa not remembering much from the previously night, our advice is to seek professional help and maybe check in to a rehab center.

3. Making out of drinking a hobby

If you would rather stay inside and have some beers instead of playing with your children or going to a movie with your partner, you might want to have a look at your drinking habits. Choosing a potential self-destructing activity repeatedly over an act of close social interaction with your loved ones might not be a good sign for you. When it is normal to drink occasionally, it is not normal at all, if all you are able to think about is drinking.

If you recognize these aspects in you or a close one, do not hesitate to seek help at a specialized rehab centre. Ignoring the problem is not a solution and it can only aggravate it. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are some of the main cause of divorce, crimes and other violent acts. Not being able to control yourself in drinking matters might be unpleasant, but with help of friends and family, everybody can overcome such issues.

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