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If you are fond of craft beer and you consider starting a brewing business, then you should know that a microbrewery requires much more than the love you have for beer. Before anything else, you need to have sufficient funds and also, a microbrewery requires a lot of patience and energy. So if you know that you have no problems in providing these essential things, then what are you waiting for? Nowadays, craft brewing is a very fast growing industry and if you want to make something good out of your passion, then you can truly make your dream business become a reality.

Make sure you have enough funds because a microbrewery is a huge investment

Before deciding to start a brewing business, make sure you have sufficient funds. It is known that the beer industry is heavily taxed, so besides spending money on brewing equipment and rent, you will also have to pay some extra money for the taxes that apply on your state’s laws. Moreover, you will have to apply for a federal brewing permit and this can only be obtained from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Of course, if you want to get your federal brewing permit as fast as possible, you will need to have your equipment all set and also, your location will need to be fully prepared before starting to sell to the public.


Choose a location that is on the edge of a busy area

When starting a brewing business, you will need to take some time and think about the location. For example, you will for sure need to have a small tasting room, so people can actually come and have a taste of your own craft beer. Moreover, if you plan on having a restaurant attached to your microbrewery, then you need to search for a bigger place. Another interesting idea would be to start selling t-shirts and pint glasses with your own business logo, so people can buy your items in order to make your microbrewery more popular. But whatever you plan on doing, do not choose a top location because you may not afford to pay the excessive rent.


A high-quality microbrewery equipment is necessary

In order to produce high-quality craft beer, you also need a high-quality microbrewery equipment. So before deciding which equipment you should buy, make some research because there are companies who can supply professional mikrobryggeri utstyr at a good price. Also, if you think you cannot afford a brand new microbrewery equipment, then you also have the option of buying a used equipment at a great deal. Moreover, for your microbrewery equipment, you will need the following pieces: boilers, kegs, kettles, etiketteringsmaskiner, storage tanks, fermentation tanks, cleaning equipment, refrigeration equipment, ice liquid tank, canning and bottling equipment, filter tank and pump.


Consider applying for a small business loan

If you truly want this brewing business to work, but you do not have enough money, there is no need to worry. You can actually apply for a business loan that is meant to help you pay for your equipment and other related things.

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