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Proactivity will make your employees more innovative and turn them into real problem-solvers. More than this, companies where proactivity is part of the company culture seem to have more motivated employees. Given all these positive aspects of a proactive workplace environment, what are some of the best approaches your company can take, to turn all the staff into employees with similar qualities? Below are some strategies that might work better than you expect.

Integrate trust and empowerment in your company culture

An empowered employee is a more productive and proactive one. Instead of implementing a fear philosophy and approach, managers should encourage employees to come forward with new ideas and strategies. A collaboration and autonomy feeling should also be promoted by managers. Proactivity at the workplace can also be achieved by allowing the employee to take limited risks, ask them to do more on the job and allow them to develop their skill sets and implement the suggested solutions. Failure or success shouldn’t burden this process, as these implementations are due to make a point and prove the functionality (or the lack of it) of an idea.

Start an idea challenge

Instead of brainstorming solutions to your company’s issues in a conference room, ask your employees to display those on notice boards scattered all around your company’s corridors. You could also try to have an open floor discussion with your employees, where solutions have to be proposed by each of them. This will offer them the opportunity to think proactively; it will also offer you the opportunity to make out of this a habit and reinforce affirmative action on their part. Reward the top ideas, if you want to be successful in your “meetings”.

Encourage remote work and flexible schedules

If you want your employees to have a more proactive attitude regarding their jobs, you could contribute by offering them the opportunity of a better work-life balance. While some of them might be forced to long commute and a hectic schedule, you could implement a “work from home Friday”, with flexible hours and so on. This will make your employees pleased with the company culture. In return, they will become more involved in your company’s goals and actions during the rest of the week.

“Solutions Only” policies

If you succeed to implement such a policy, you will shortly notice how your employees will have plenty of resources to solve any potential issues. Being fully aware of the risks and outcomes of various actions, but also taking full responsibility for their actions, your employees will contribute to propelling your business to new revenue levels.

These simple strategies will help you turn all your employees into more proactive ones and to deeply integrate this philosophy into your corporate culture. Make sure to show your employees that you trust them in the decision-making process. Reward healthy and proactive employee behaviors and you will shortly notice how all your employees will embrace similar attitudes. More than this, such behaviors will create a happier, well-rounded employee.

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