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We live in the era of digital rights and many companies that create portable media devices place a high importance on rights management, which makes it pretty difficult for regular Internet users to play music on a large range of mediums, even if they try their best to respect the legal copyright. . Even if you are someone who is passionate about online mixing and online music mastering, you will export your song into a certain format and you might need to convert it to something else, without compromising its quality. Let’s say for example that you purchase a song from iTunes, you can listen to it in your iPod, but there is no chance you can listen to it with Media Player, so you have to purchase the same song twice, just to be able to listen to it both on your computer and your iPod or iPhone. That is just wrong. However, there is a way to go about it, the free YouTube converter, and it is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. To that extent, many websites today provide users with video to mp3 or other output formats conversions, some for free, others having applicable subscriptions. Many of them are scams, so you need to be very careful in choosing such a website.

Since, as mentioned above, it is the digital era that we live in, the Internet will obviously be your first step towards finding a good mp3 converter, but remember that a simple search in your browser will generate the best indexed sites and not necessarily the best converters. The best course of action in this case would be for you to spend some time on specialized blogs and forums that talk about video converters and get some feedback and reviews from there. This is one of those cases where listening to other users’ recommendations can really help you find a reliable and high performance site, such as As already said, many websites that promise a good and free converter are in fact scams that will redirect you 10 times and ask for in-depth information about you, such as your email, physical address, name, gender and so on, which they then make it available to third parties. Furthermore, you risk damaging your computer through viruses and other sorts of malware. This is why doing a little research beforehand can help you greatly in your search.


All things considered, when you are searching for the best music converter available online, it would be wise to research the matter a little before and spend some time reading reviews and feedback from users who have already tries several of them. Whether you are new at converting music or you just want a tool to help you convert the songs obtained during you online music mastering activities, you should be able to find everything you need online. Of course, you need to also take into account several factors, such as video portals that the site support, the operating systems and most importantly the output formats that it offers. It may be best to find a website that offers conversions to multiple output formats, so that you can resort to it whether you need an mp3 file for your player or an m4A file for your iPhone. Other things that you should look into are the speed of conversion and the overall ease of use of the site, so that you can be sure to use it hassle free.



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