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Raising a daughter is a challenging mission. Things get particularly rough in the teenage years. Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals. However, there are a few tricks that can help you strengthen the connection that you have with your daughter so that it does not fade away not even through the teenage years.

Show your daughter that she is special
It is a well known fact that girls require more attention than boys. This trait is best highlighted when they are adults. Women constantly need proofs of attention while men are more independent. In order for your daughter to feel loved and supported, try to tell her that you love her as often as you can. Furthermore, try to surprise her with little things. Spontaneous surprises don’t have to be expensive in order to be appreciated but they must come from the heart.

Pay attention to her interests
As a parent it is important to understand that your relationship with your daughter will evolve and it might even suffer dramatic transformations over the years. Try to pay attention to her interests in order to know how the relationship will evolve. If you only pay attention to her as a child and you continue to see her as defenseless and clueless,even when she is grown up, she will think that you don’t understand her and she will not trust you nor will she confide in you. For example, you may not be interested in beauty or fashion but these matters are important for a teenage girl. Therefore try to find a way to understand the importance of these matters for her. Use the internet as a source of information. For example, a beauty blog such as can give you a lot of tips that even your daughter might be unaware of. You will certainly impress her if you give her hair tips that she never heard of. Situations like this will make her see you like a hip adult instead as a boring and old fashioned one. As annoying as it may be, this is how teenagers see adults and the only way to change this opinion is to beat them with their own arms.

Trust her
After a certain time, you have to accept the fact that you cannot protect your daughter at all times. During these times, the best thing to do is have faith in the education that you gave her and trust her to make the best decisions. If you continue to be overprotective, you daughter will feel misunderstood and she will start hiding things from you. However, if you give her a little freedom and show her that you trust her, she will have more faith in you and she too in return will trust you and might even confide in you and tell her you her secrets, her hopes and her dreams. However, this trust and freedom must come at the right time. If your daughter is going through a rebellious period, giving her too much freedom is the worst move. Try to talk with your daughter and give her advice without nagging her. Furthermore, don’t pretend to be perfect in front of her. If you pretend to be a perfect human being, she will hide her mistakes from you so that she does not disappoint you. Therefore, share your mistakes with her so that she can learn from them.

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