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The sofa may be the centrepiece of the living room, but the chair adds some charm as well and no home would be complete without one. Browsing through furniture and décor stores, you’ll see that there are countless of options to choose from and no matter what trend you want to follow, there will always be a type of chair for you. However, not every purchase is successful. Here are the tips you should follow if you don’t want to regret the living room chair you’ve bought and turn it into a space for throwing laundry.

Quality comes first

If you where thinking about saving money on the living room chair, don’t. It’s one of the worst decisions you can take in terms of comfort and the satisfaction of making a bargain will quickly fade off as soon as you will realise that you can’t sit in the chair for more than 10 minutes without getting backaches. Both the sofa and the chair should be investment. Save up to get Himolla chairs or another known, reputable brand, because they have a good reputation for a reason. Also, no matter how visually stunning you want the room to be, don’t choose looks over comfort. A minimal design with a bold print will impress your friends, but at the end of the day, if you can’t relax in the chair because it’s not ergonomic enough, it’s not worth it. Test the chair in a showroom before you buy it to make sure you can sit comfortably in any angle.

Chair vs. recliner

The price difference between a regular living room chair and a recliner isn’t that big, so money shouldn’t stop you from getting the type of living room chair you’ve always wanted. However, what you should keep in mind is space. A recliner takes up much more space than a simple chair and you shouldn’t buy one unless you have a large living room. Even if the recliner technically fits, that doesn’t mean it looks good. There should be plenty of space between the sofa and the recliner and they shouldn’t look crammed together. If you do have a spacious living room, the recliner is the wiser choice. Not only will you get more comfort, but you can even use this type of chair as a bed if you have people over.

Colour palette

When it comes to choosing the colour your chair, you can go two ways: either make the chair the centrepiece of the room by choosing a bold colour or design, or leave another furniture item in the spotlight and choose neutral colours for the chair. Never have two equally striking items, because the colour clash will become too tiring for the eyes and they will not look harmonious together. Choosing a neutral colour is also a good idea if you plan on remodelling the room and you want the chair to fit right in even after changing the colour of the walls or the furniture.

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