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Keeping a marriage going for a decade or more is definitely a great achievement, especially nowadays, when divorce and family issues are an increasing concern. If you are a part of one of the couples that has managed to work out a way of balancing family and work and keep the flame alive for years, you definitely deserve something special for your anniversary. Most people celebrate their anniversaries every year in the first stage of the relationship and then they have a special event once every ten years, mainly because they forget or because they don’t have the time or the money. However, it doesn’t take a thousand dollars to plan a symbolic date and show your partner that you cherish him or her after years of marriage. There are plenty of affordable and creative ideas that you can put into practice and break the routine.

Having a romantic, candlelit dinner in a specialty restaurant is the classic idea that you can always resort you when you can’t think of anything else. If you live in a busy city like Ottawa and find that most of your daily routine centers around work and taking care of the kids, spending a few hours away from everything can really help. Does it sound too conventional? Then you can always surprise your partner by picking a select location and getting there in style with one of the VIP limousines in Ottawa. It’s definitely more luxurious and relaxing than driving your family car and you can enjoy a glass of champagne while getting there. If you want to get into a romantic mood before arriving at the restaurant, you can ask the driver if it’s possible to place some red rose petals on the limo floor or light some scented candles.


If you live in the same city where you met, you can ask the driver to take you to the place where you first met your partner, or other locations that have great value to you, such as the place where you first kissed or where you married. To things more romantic, you can ask for a vehicle with special ambient lights and play your favorite song. Some limos, especially VIP ones, come with a HD TV, so if you have a video of a time you both love, from your wedding or a special moment in your relationship, you can play it. It requires little effort and it doesn’t cost anything, but it will definitely have an impact. Last, but not least, one of the biggest benefits of all is that limo drivers are very discreet and give you maximum privacy during the drive. Therefore, if you feel that kids are making it harder to spend quality time with your spouse, you will definitely enjoy the peace and privacy of a luxurious limo. As you can see, renting a limo is a simple gesture that offers plenty of romantic possibilities. Even if just for one evening, you can reconnect with your loved one and spend some quality time together, away from everyone, to celebrate your marriage.


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