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Looking forward to going adventurous with your family? The time spent near your beloved ones is precious and relaxing. But in order to enjoy your little adventure far away from home, you must be safe and prevent everything that could go wrong. Keep your eyes opened around, be very observant and responsible.
That means, before planning all the fun activities, you need to take your time and make a list with all the stuff that you might need in any possible situation. Here are some ideas that might really come in handy in case you forget something. Start with the basics.


The backpack must be on top of your list, a big backpack should be useful because you will have a big list of things that you won`t be able to carry. You can add a dry bag in the backpack to make sure all your things remain in good shape in case of water contact.

First Aid Kit

Safety before everything. You must NOT forget the first aid kit, with all the supplies and medical treatment you might need in case of accidents and injuries. The First Aid Kit must be kept in a dry waterproof bag in order to keep the contents safe and aseptic. It`s recommended to carefully verify the kit, to restock if necessary and to check the validity of the items and their condition.
You can pack a basic first aid manual along with the kit, in case you need more information.

Food supplies

Don`t forget the snacks, sandwiches, dry fruits or any other type of food that provides a high level of nutrition and try to choose products that are lighter to carry. Don`t pack perishable food if it`s too hot, it`s better to avoid food waste.
Pack some fruits, too. They provide vitamins to keep your energy up and strengthen your immune system.
Water must be at the top of your list because it`s vital and you must hydrate especially if you will lose a lot of water after walking a lot and wasting energy.

Sanitary items

Sanitary items are useful and important so pack disposable wipes, moist towelettes, hand sanitizer and keep your hands clean to maintain your body protected against microbes.
Remember to pack toilet paper and an extra bag to throw the used paper, because it`s very important to preserve nature.

Axes and hatchets

If you`re a little more adventurous, we strongly recommend you to bring at least one ax or hatchet with you. These are good useful tools no matter if it`s about enjoying a campfire with your family or in extreme situations of self-defense. Camping axes and hatchets are far more useful tools than knives when it comes to cutting wood, or sharpening sticks.
Be careful, don`t confuse the tools. The axes have longer handles than hatchets and are more powerful and easy to use when it comes to wood processing, but in the same time they weigh more and take up a bigger room.

Map and compass

You might think your smartphone is all you need while going to new places, but what would you do if you get in some area where the signal is weak or completely missing? Be cautious because you don`t want to get lost, so take with you a map and a compass, these could really come in handy.
Before using a compass, you might be interested in learning a little about how to use it in interaction with a map, in order to navigate in safety.

Sleeping bags

If your adventurous trip is more than one day long, you must bring up your sleeping bags.
After spending all day in nature you will wish for a cozy sleeping bag. Try to choose a smaller, warm and comfortable sleeping bag that adapts to the season and climate conditions. After all sleep is important to boost up your energy and relax your body.

Other important stuff

You can never be too cautious. That means equipping your backpack with other little things that might not seem important but could become very useful if needed.
Here is a list of ideas :

  • a whistle;
  • a pair of sunglasses;
  • sunscreen;
  • sunhat;
  • bug spray;
  • a pair or two of hand gloves;
  • headlamp and extra batteries;
  • lighter or waterproof matches;
  • water purification pills;
  • emergency shelter;

These are very important safety items you must consider packing before leaving.

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