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Furniture items for the baby room

December - 22 - 2015

Having a baby on the way is very exciting, especially when it comes to decorating his room. Whether you are having a boy or a girl, there are so many great items that you can use for a baby room these days and the entire process of choosing them is fun and exciting. Of course, there are a few things that you should always choose based not only on looks, but on practicality as well, so here are just a few ideas that will make your experience better:

A rocking chair

Every baby room needs a rocking chair because this item has become the symbol of story reading and soothing a baby. Babies are soothed by the rocking motion and it will prove an invaluable tool in those nights when your baby is restless. However, if you were planning to decorate the room of your child slightly more modern, the Eames molded plastic rocking chair might be just what you were looking for. It has a modern look and it is made out of a high quality plastic that makes it both durable and light weight. This will become your favourite item from the room and you will always spend lovely moments there with your new-born child. You can find rocking chairs in almost any colour, but most parents either choose light blue or pink, depending on what they are having.


A beautiful crib

Naturally, the crib is an essential part of any baby room and you should take your time and choose it wisely. These days there are so many options that you will definitely find something that matches your tastes and preferences perfectly. Be sure to get something that can be used for a longer time, because kids grow faster than you think and you might have to change the crib after the first year if you buy a very small one.


A dresser

The fact is that you will have to change the baby several times a day, as they tend to go through a lot of clothes at the beginning, not to mention that you will be excited to see him or her in those cute little outfits. This is why a dresser is a must have in any baby room. Make sure you choose one with several drawers, as you will need to keep the things organised and find a new pair of socks or a onsie without having to look too much.


A nightlight

Since you will be making a lot of night visits into your baby’s nursery, having a nightlight will be very useful, as turning on the big lights every time you go into the room will prove to be very disturbing for both you and the baby. The nightlight will produce just enough light to guide you through the room and allow you to reach your baby without hitting on anything and at the same time will not wake you and your baby up even more than you already are.


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