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Fun Gift Ideas for Tweens

July - 11 - 2017

Buying a gift for a small child is very simple, as children are happy with just about any new toy. However, as they grow up, they become pickier, and it is a lot harder to find a gift that will bring a sincere smile on their face. So, unless you want to be the relative that gives kids ugly sweaters for Christmas or for their birthdays, consider our cool gift ideas for tweens.

A game console or a new video game

We know that as grownups, it is our duty to take a stand against all video games. However, if you give them a change, you will see that video games are not that bad, as long as they are played in moderation. They can even have a lot of benefits, as they develop the children’s creativity, their learning abilities, their strategic thinking and even their ability to make fast decisions. These are all important skills that will be very useful later in life. So, if you want to make a tween really happy, consider buying the latest game console. Don’t worry if they already have a console, as they will surely appreciate the upgrade, because many new games can’t be played on older consoles. If the child is lucky enough to already have the newest game console, they will surely appreciate a few new games.

The Redux Capture the Flag Game

We are sure that you still remember the classic game that you used to play as a child. You will be surprised to know that Capture the Flag is still a popular game among kids nowadays. However, while many kids still play the classic version, they all dream about the new Redux game. The modern variation of the game contains a kit that includes a lot of glowing game pieces that can be used in order to play the game at night. It is very exciting and it even proposes some new stories that completely change the classic game.

Musical gifts

During their tween years, kids are starting to discover cool music. At this point, they are past children’s songs and most of them are starting to appreciate pop music. In fact, a musical culture is an important part of a tween’s identity or at least a part of the self image that they are trying to promote. As such, musical gifts will surely be appreciated. Consider a cool set of headphones, a karaoke machine or the latest iPod.

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