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January - 30 - 2013

There is nothing better in this world than having an understanding family that is always by your side no matter the good advice you need to hear or the support you seek in solving different problems you have to deal with. If you know a family like this, then perhaps it would be wise to spend as much time as possible in their presence in order to see first hand how the relationships between the members function. And this can be done more often than just once a year when you go with a handful of garden gifts for families and sit around the table waiting for the barbecue.

The family represents the frame where we first learn how to interact with each other and how to establish a good family relationship.

The truth is that having healthy family relationships will profile the way the rest of our life is going to be.


These days, the traditional family has changed and while some families have both parents to take care of their children, some others are single parent families due to some problems that happened inside the family that make things end in a divorce.

No matter if we are talking about a complete family or a single parent family, every one of them has its ups and downs that can bring good or bad things inside it.

We have pretty often heard that communication in the key of making everything right. And this saying is truth since a family that communicates no matter the issue and offers all the support in understanding children eliminates any confusion or mistrust alongside with building very healthy relations between parents and children. So it is important to have family meetings and gatherings, to spend quality time together and perform various activities; if you have to plan them in advance, no problem, it’s even better. Invest in some family coffee makers and set up special family evenings where you drink coffee, eat cakes and discuss, or play a board game. Family coffee makers can actually become the central point of your evenings together, and you can experiment with preparing various coffee drinks or foods.

Common problems may appear no matter the issue in a family and they usually get to family relationships that separate a mother from daughter, a father from son, even a mother from father. As far as the relationships between the parents and the children go, a lot of problems occur due to house chores. For example say that you are a working mom and you want your daughter to help you when you come home from work and have to prepare dinner. She may find this process quite annoying and unpleasant. In order to solve this problem you should buy some efficient small kitchen appliances that will help you both get the job done faster. This way, the time that you save on cooking can be spent with your daughter in a more pleasant manner.

It is important that we teach children responsibility by asking them to do house chores but we must also show that we value their time. After all the cost of a few small kitchen appliances is nothing compared to the relationship that you have with your daughter.

There are many details that at the first sight don’t seem like a big deal but may affect   relationships with parents at home. And the examples could be endless in families where teen-agers believe to know it all about life or in families that have to deal with other sort of problems that affect parents as well as children.

The relationships that are built inside the family could bring a lot of tension or peace and understanding for every member of the family. The key stands in the way parents choose to spend time with their children and teach them moral values and while communicating trying to help their children understand everything that happens inside and outside the home.

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