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Family law, as the name clearly suggests, is a practice area that is mostly concerned with family matters and relationships. The fact is that the law relating to this area is complicated and sometimes it is subject to surprising changes. It is not surprising that family matters are characterised by complicated dealings and circumstances. There is a lot of emotional distress involved, not to mention the differences of opinion. All families face problems, no matter if they live in Cardiff or Bristol. The only person that manages to deal with such issues are family law solicitors like Colin Jones Clark and Hartand. In what follows, we will talk more about what family law solicitors do for a living.

What is a solicitor?

It is difficult to start explaining what a family law solicitor does without making clear what a solicitor is. Well, a solicitor can be defined as a legal practitioner that is qualified to provide advice on one or more areas of law. The definition is simple enough. What can be said more is that a solicitor hears what the client has to say and informs him what legal action he should take. A solicitor should not be confused with a barrister, unlike the later, this legal practitioner has a desk job, which means that the professional mainly involves handling paperwork and counselling. It is important to mention that a solicitor will represent the client in court, if necessary.  

What a family law solicitor does

Family law is not similar to any other practice area, which is the reason why family law solicitors have very specific attributes. While some legal practitioners have expertise in only one area of family law, others are skilled when it comes to dealing with matters relating to various specialties. A family law solicitor may handle topics such as:

  • Children – Children are at the heart of any family, so it is quite obvious that family matters affects them more than other members. The good news is that a specialised legal practitioner will do his best to ensure a favourable outcome for the kids. Basically, he has their well-being at heart.
  • Domestic violence – There is no need to live in an abusive relationship. If your spouse turns out to be violent, you can get the help of a family law solicitor. He is the only one that can help you when you are going through difficult times.  
  • Child support – Even if you and your spouse are in good relationships, this does not mean that you should not hire a family law solicitor.  

A family law solicitor does not always go to court

When you hear the word solicitor, you are tempted to think about legal disputes settled in court. What you should know is that family law solicitors are capable of handling disputes without going to court. As a matter of fact, not all cases go to court. Thanks to the skills of a legal practitioner, you will be able to resolve all your issues without much hassle.

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