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July - 2 - 2013

Becoming a hot topic in every family’s discussion, finance is nowadays known as one of the most important rule every family is based on. By the time the economic recession of 2008 started, almost all of the families have changed their thinking when dealing with paying debts. Most of them chose to start saving more money for bad days, as the ones which followed the recession’s beginning. But, for the other who has not woke up at reality so quickly, those days were not as pink as they would have wished. In this case, they have or they would have passed this critical period quickly and without any recession’s repercussions if they chose to ask for financial advice.

There are four terms which usages can help any person when talking about financial advice. First of them is the budget. Mostly on this time of the year, we need to focus on what we need and what we don’t; it is going to be a hard work, due to the various types of products merchants are selling on the market. Try to make a weekly spending schedule in which to note all the money you spend. In this case, you will be able to make a comparison between weeks and months. This procedure is mainly used to make you understand how easy it is to spend money and also, to help you buy only the necessary things. And if you have larger purchases to do, making a special list and considering some pros and cons can really help you decide on an affordable product, or whether you need that product at all. For instance, if you want to move into a bigger house and need to find a mortgage broker in Gatineau, then you should look for the best rates and compare your options, before choosing who to work with. As another example, if you are on a limited budget but need to purchase a dishwasher, you can use a list to make dishwasher ratings, and compare them by price, performance, quality and so on. It may seem silly or unnecessary, but making a list of dishwasher ratings can really help you not only choose a product you are satisfied with, but one that you didn’t pay too much for either. This method works anytime with anything, whether you’re concerned about money or not.

The same thing should be done with other purchases, such as a car; read the best car reviews and find out not only which is the most suitable car for you, but that which you can also afford. Buying used cars is another option, and if you have the patience to do some research you can stumble across great deals that will save you a lot of money. Being financially responsible is a difficult thing, and it’s something they don’t teach you as you grow up. It is up to each of us to make a living and set some standards, to know what we can afford and what should wait. So if purchasing a car is out of your league now, you should postpone a decision and leave the best car reviews aside, focusing on what’s immediately important.

The next term is the debt. What better financial advice any person could receive than the one which involves teaching his children to buy only the things they can afford? In this case, parents will learn too how to manage their earnings and also, to avoid debt. Using the example above, if moving into a bigger house is not an immediate necessity, then avoiding mortgage debt is advisable. However, if the expense can not be postponed, then the least one can do is find a reliable and experienced mortgage broker in Gatineau or wherever one lives.  This step has a vice-versa effect, so both parts are in the known of the subject. The last two terms are debating on the importance of financial education, which, as they say, is the one which plays the highest role in a family. A secured saving is able to satisfy a person’s wishes, but the financial freedom gives a person the choice of choosing whatever she likes. This happens only when people spend less money than they earn, and these cases are usually known as being played by the smartest people from the planet. How to reach that level, it depends on how we are planning our spending. This can be learned by following the financial advice.

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