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When it comes to vehicles, longevity represents the main concern or interest of many owners. Whether you purchased your Porsche 911 for daily use or special occasions, the truth is that you are still going to wear it down over the years. However, you probably wonder what exactly you need to do in order to avoid those expensive repair bills. Well, you must follow several steps to prolong the lifespan of its components including changing the oil regularly, verifying the key fluids, replacing the air filter, maintaining the transmission and avoiding sudden starts. Some of the tasks are minor and you can complete them successfully while others demand the knowledge and experience of a specialist. Porsche 911 requires general maintenance like any other vehicle, this is not a secret. Moreover, extending the longevity of your car will increase fuel efficiency and help the environment at the same time because it will reduce carbon emissions.

Change oil and filer

If you check the Porsche 911 price, especially used and on sale, you will probably think that you afford to replace your current vehicle in case of damage, but if you already benefit from a perfectly functional Porsche 911, a smart move is to provide regular maintenance and make the most of it for years to come. Thus, changing the oil and filter represents an important step, especially knowing that the latter prevents air contaminants from affecting the engine. The oil level should not be under the minimum level and for more details you should definitely read the instructions in the manual.  

Tire pressure and alignment

When the weather conditions are harsh, you must verify the tire pressure at least once a month. In addition, you have to observe the adequate inflation pressure that appears on the vehicle’s label. This action provides two main benefits: performance and safety. In terms of tire alignment, if you wish to ensure not only proper handling and steering, but also to prolong the lifespan of your tires check them periodically and release the burden on your engine.

Battle rust

During winter, your vehicle might come in contact with corrosive chemicals on the road because they are generally used for coating. The undercarriage will suffer the most damage; more specifically it will rust and corrode if you do not ensure the right protection. The bright side is that you can choose from several rust proofing methods including drip oil spray that allows a fast and easy appliance or dripless oil spray, which has a consistency similar to wax and hardens after dried.

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