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We live in times when children do not like to play outside anymore, because they are too attached to their gadgets and modern technology that they prefer spending a great part of their time inside. Games such as “hide and seek” are now regarded as “traditional” or, even, “vintage”. Of course, there are some exceptions of children who still find fascinating playing outside with their friends, but the majority of Canadian kids prefer the online socialising, instead of the offline one. This is the reason why, both psychologists and doctors recommend parent to let their children go to sports camp.

Why are sports camp such a good idea for children?

  • Your kid can socialise or better said who to learn how to socialise with persons who have the same age and preferences as he does. And do not worry, because you can choose a sport camp which is dedicated especially to boys.
  • He can forget about shyness and get the ability of speaking his own mind.
  • He can also make friends and build some strong relationships with other people.
  • He will keep fit if he practise sport and maybe he can find something that he likes. For example, there are plenty of sports in each Canadian camp, and if your child finds something that suits him, you should make sure that he practises it, even when he comes home from the sports camp.
  • He can improve his mood. Doctors say that sport can have great benefits when it comes to people’s mental health too. This can make them feel better and put their thoughts in order, especially if they have passed through a very stressful period.
  • He will become more responsible. Usually when a kid goes to a camp, he has to take care of everything, starting with his belongings and ending with his budget.

Dos and don’ts for parents before sending their kids into a sport camp:

  • Dos

Check the menu of the camp canteen. And make sure that they cook only healthy food, especially if your boy wants to get rid of some kilos. If they do not, put some supplies in his suitcase.

Check the weather forecast too and help your kid pack his things. Do not forget to include a jacket and some gloves, if we talk about a winter sport camp.

Look for a camp which comes with long tradition in this domain because the activities will be well organised and your child will benefit from best conditions. For example, you should not worry about cleanliness or the fact that he will have to share the room with some persons who are not reliable.

  • Do not

Do not forget to invest in some good quality equipment. For example, if the sport camp includes activities such as tennis, you should definitely buy some sport clothes for your child and a tennis racket.

Do not forget about money. You may think that your child will not need money, but maybe there is some unpredictable spending that he will have to cover and he needs a small budget.  


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