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Many regular users of infrared saunas claim that the session has brought them numerous health benefits, but are the claims backed or is it just a placebo feeling? Unlike the regular sauna, this one uses infrared light that is known to have effects on promoting a better functioning of your body so it can be understood that the sauna transmits the same beneficial effect. Without further ado, let’s see if the infrared sauna really bring health benefits or it’s only a myth.

How the Infrared Sauna Works

Traditional saunas use a furnace that heats some rocks that need to be watered in order to create the famous steam that promotes sweating. Infrared models have a different operating way that is based on a number of infrared heaters placed along the interior in order to cover the entire space. The heaters emit infrared light that is commonly used in medicine to treat various inflammations because it’s believed to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. This type of heat is also highly capable of penetrating the organs and tissues so that it reaches deep into the human body and even aids in transporting oxygen and boosting the metabolism.

The infrared saunas use either far, middle or near infrared light, the first one being the most popular and the most beneficial as well. This is due to its ability to travel through the human body without causing any sort of radiation. Saunas measure the level of infrared light in EMF or electromagnetic fields that need to be as low as possible in order to eliminate the risk of radiation. The best models have 0 or a maximum of 4 EMF levels so that they manage to create a natural warmth that is absorbed by the body in depth.
Infrared light is able to make noticeable changes in the human body by changing its chemistry and restoring the balance in people who suffer from diseases that cause chronic pain. The benefits reach the cardiovascular system, the metabolism, and even the neurological system by providing pain relief and relaxation as well as a thorough detoxification.

Ways Infrared Light Influences your Well-Being

You can always benefit from the healing properties of infrared light by taking regular sauna sessions that shouldn’t exceed 15-20 minutes, In that time, the light goes through your tissues and manages to change the cells in your body, making it easier for it to positively alter your metabolism. The effects are visible in many ways.

    • A complete detoxification

The main effect of sitting in the sauna is that you will be sweating like crazy and that is a very good thing because, with sweat, you also eliminate the toxins you unwillingly absorb on a daily basis. Compared to a regular sauna, the infrared type allows you to sweat up to seven times more so you will eliminate more toxins. The effects will be visible on your skin and hair but you will also feel better on the inside.

    • Improved heart rate

The sauna helps you adjust your blood pressure and it can even treat congestive heart failure so you will have a healthier heart. Hence, you can prevent high blood pressure and treat arrhythmia that is often linked to heart failure.

    • Lowered chronic pain

One of the most popular effects of saunas is relieving pain that can be exhausting and could affect your overall life quality. People suffering from arthritis have experienced the pain-alleviating effects of the infrared light that relax the muscles and reduces inflammation. Many athletes resort to the sauna after a strenuous workout in order to fight muscle soreness.

    • Weight loss

Thanks to the high temperature created in the sauna, your core temperature also rises and you will experience the same increased heart rate as in exercising. While your body fights to cool itself, you will burn calories so you will notice significant changes in your body weight.

    • Accelerated blood circulation

Along with the increased heart rate and core temperature, you will also benefit from a better blood circulation. Regular sessions in saunas with far or middle-infrared light accelerate your blood flow, helping you feel more energized and prepared for the daily challenges.

Are there any Adverse Effects?

After all the years of use of infrared saunas, no side effects have been reported and no health problems have been linked to regular sauna sessions. However, it’s essential not to exaggerate and to only take moderate times in the sauna because the extended exposure to high temperatures can have repercussions on the heart. It’s advisable to sit in the sauna for a maximum of 20 minutes and daily sessions are actually recommended for obtaining the best results. Dehydration is a common risk of saunas so it’s mandatory that you drink plenty of water before entering the sauna in order to prevent severe loss of fluids. All in all, as long as it’s being used properly and by people who are not medically advised not to, infrared saunas can do wonders for one’s health.

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