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The air you breathe on a daily basis can influence your health in either a positive or negative way. Sometimes, problems such as mould or asbestos can affect the quality of indoor air, without you even realizing. This is why resorting to an experienced and reputable air quality consultant can be a wise decision to make. It is always better to be prepared, and discover a problem before it becomes more serious, than to deal with the consequences. When it comes to Toronto air quality testing services, you will find various options to select from, so you will need to be very careful with your selection process.

Appropriate training

Verify right from the start if the specialist you are planning to hire has the training necessary to offer these kinds of services. You do not want a novice dealing with such a problem, because they will not have the knowledge necessary to establish if your home’s indoor air quality is the way it should be. Before moving along with your selection process, inform yourself about this particular detail. Ask about their training and what kind of methods and equipment they will be using for this project. Remember that even the smallest issue, such as mold growth, can affect the air you are breathing, so if you do not want to put your health at risk, then resort only to pros.


Experience should be a relevant aspect in your screening process. Being experienced means the consultant can do their job better, and will know how to spot an air quality problem quickly and without inconveniences. Moreover, experience also means that they have been in business for long enough to handle different types of indoor air quality testing projects, and they will manage to offer you exactly the solution you need. Do not overlook the importance of this aspect, because it can be an essential detail for your collaboration with the specialist.

Client testimonials

Last but not least, to really ensure yourself that you are making a reliable choice, look online for some client testimonials. If the company you are resorting to has been in business for sufficient time, then you will certainly find some basic information about them. See if the majority of clients were content with the consultant’s services, and if the company is reliable and trustworthy. You can even ask the firm directly to provide you with client references – it will certainly not be a problem, if their consultants offer excellent services  

Hiring a company that specializes in air quality testing can be the wise decision to make, helping you prevent potential mould growth or asbestos infiltration from affecting your family’s health. However, in order for the services received to be ones of excellent quality, you need to decide on the right company, one that has a strong reputation, and sufficient experience in the industry. If you keep these tips in mind, making a selection will not be a difficult job. Check your options and choose the best one.      

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