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Owning a car is definitely a huge responsibility, since your driving can affect your safety and that of the people around you. Car accidents are definitely a stressful situation, even if there are no victims involved. In case your vehicle gets seriously damaged, you will have to deal with the insurance company and see who will support repair expenses. However, the most important thing is that no one has gotten injured, because money come and go, and you are eventually going to solve things out. It is true that insurance contracts can be complicated and involve a lot of paperwork, but rest assured if you partner with the right firm, there is nothing to worry about. While some people are still claiming the process is troublesome, this is actually a common myth about the topic. Unfortunately, the information is soften passed around without being accurate, so here are some of the most popular misapprehensions related to car insurance:

Your driving record is the main criteria

A lot of individuals think their driving record is what will influence getting or paying automobile insurance. While it is true that the costs may vary depending on your previous experiences and after a while, they can even get low if you prove to be a reliable driver, this is not a general rule. A past full of accidents is only one of the variables specialised companies take into consideration the moment they accept your requests and calculate your rates. This is not crucially influencing the costs, as same as a good record will not bring you the best deal. There are many other relevant elements determining how much insurance you are going to get, such as for how many years you have the license, your age, the type of vehicle you are driving, your residential location – to mention but a few.

Small cars are cheaper to ensure

This is another common misconception elated to the demands of specialised companies. You will not get cheaper car insurance rates if you have a little vehicle, on the contrary. Given their reduced dimensions, small automobiles are more likely to get damaged in case of a crush. This means that as the owner of such a car, you may need the services of your insurance firm more often, so you can also pay more money. Remember that the safer the vehicle, the cheaper the rates, which is why the little ones are considered more risky.

Insurance companies can cancel contracts

This is probably the most wrongful idea related to dedicated firms. As with any other type of contract, there are two parties involved in the agreement, so one cannot eliminate the deal without a compelling reason. Both parts need to fulfil their obligation until the due date of the contract. All in all, rest assured the insurance firm cannot revoke your agreement at any time, without you knowing about this.


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