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All those who have ever had to move from one place to another know how much planning it entails and how many mistakes can be made. Depending on the situation, there are a few common mistakes that you should learn to avoid:

You try to move on your own

While the prospect of hiring a Guildford removals company may seem too expensive at first glance, there are so many things that can go wrong when you take this task into your own hands. You might run into traffic because you did not plan your route properly or you might hurt yourself and damage your goods when lifting and unloading, not to mention that at the end of your trip, you might discover that the fuel consumption was not as low as you initially thought. So this entire adventure has very good chances of not being as fun and easy as you initially thought.

You don’t ask for an estimate

When buying a car or a house, people always ask for countless estimates, yet when they hire a removals company they forget about everything. An estimate will allow you to make an idea about the budget you need and compare rates. There are many removals companies available on the market, so there is no need to choose the first one you see. In addition, don’t forget to ask about the costs of wrapping materials. Many people only ask the hourly rates, but they end up with an unpleasant surprise when the final balance arrives 20% higher than they thought.

You forget about your pet

Many people worry so much about finding a suitable moving company and wrapping up everything carefully so it does not break during transport that they forget about their pets. The movers cannot just place your dog into a box in the back of the truck. You will need to visit the vet and make sure he has all the vaccines, especially if you are planning to travel internationally or by air. You should also look for pet motion sickness medication to ensure your furry friend has a safe trip as well.

You did not sort your things

Before having the removals team at your house, you should always have a look through your things and sort them out a little. This will save you time during the actual moving, not to mention that you will not have to take with you things that you have not used in 5 years. In addition, most movers charge an hourly rate, so sorting your items when they are around to help you pack is a waste of time that will end up costing you.

You forgot about the survival kit

You might say that you are not moving to the moon, just to a different house, but you should always have separately the basic thing in case something happens. Your movers might be a day late with your items, so you will need some pajamas, blankets, toilet paper, dog food, toiletries and perhaps a flashlight. Even if your things do get in time, with all the boxes lying around, you may not have time to unpack everything and reaching things like jimmies and clean underwear might prove quite challenging. So always keep a survival kit separately with everything you need, to avoid this type of inconveniences.

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