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This dilemma has a main answer in potential health issues your dog might have. However, if there aren’t any specific issues you should take into account, it still remains a dilemma. While many claim that collars are the best canine inventions ever, others swear their lives by fleece lined dog harnesses. However, every dog owner should understand that each dog has its necessities and the collar vs. harness battle depends on them.

Harness pros and cons

Many claim that a harness is the most comfortable option one has for their dogs. But let’s see which ones are the pros and cons of using such garment.

  • PROS:

– Harnesses are perfect for training, especially for young pups.

– The walker has more control over the puppy.

– Harnesses discourage pulling the leash.

– Reduces the chances of chocking.

– Fewer chances of accidentally tangling in the leash.

– They are great for specific breeds, such as pugs and French and English bulldogs. They prevent the appearance of too much pressure on the eyeball area.

– They keep the puppies focused, especially the ones that find it hard to concentrate.

– They are great for dogs with short noses.

– They are recommended for dogs with respiratory issues and neck injuries. They prevent too much pressure on the lungs and the neck area.

  • CONS:
  • Some dogs find it hard to tolerate harasses. Try the fleece ones for increased levels of comfort.
  • The front-clip ones might not be the most efficient.

Collars pros and cons

Many claim that adult dogs should only be kept in a collar. Below are some reasons.

  • PROS:
  • Some dogs find this alternative more comfortable.
  • They can hold your dog’s ID elements.
  • CONS:
  • Not the best option for training.
  • Increased chances of neck injury if your dog uses to pull.
  • Increased pressure on the eyeballs (see the Pro in harnesses for reference).
  • A collar might damage the thyroid gland, leading to serious health issues.

This is a small comparison between the two options dog owners have when it comes to canine garment. Make sure you compare them carefully and pick the most appropriate for your companion. Alternatively, you could ask for advice your veterinarian and see what their opinion is. Make sure you only buy from authorised manufacturers and retailers for high-quality products.

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