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What are you – parent of a promising high-school-age daughter – doing in order to guide her towards a successful career?  Have you initiated that important conversation regarding her future yet? Have you assured her that you are going to be there at every step in order to make the selection process less daunting without putting pressure on her to achieve those professional goals you set during your teenage years but could not achieve? Have you encouraged her to direct her full attention towards work experiences and internships? Has your daughter come to you and specifically told you that she has no clue regarding the professional choice she will soon have to make? As a parent, guiding your child towards the right career is difficult, but you have to be aware that your involvement in the process is priceless. In fact, according to many studies, parental support can truly help teenagers make a good and informed decision that will improve their future by offering them financial stability.

Do not pressure your teenager to make a decision too early

Some parents try to push their lost and confused adolescents into making a career choice as soon as possible because they think that it will influence the rest of their life. If you fall into the same category, take a step back and relax. Over time, your daughter will evolve as human being and as a member of society. Even if now she wants to explore cosmetology schools because she puts great accent on beauty, it does not mean that she will work in a salon or spa until the end of times. If she has the talent, the skill and the confidence of becoming an entrepreneur, she can even open her own business and what more could you want from your child in life? As long as she is willing to declare her independency and work hard in order to make a living, then you should be there to continue supporting and helping her overcome unexpected obstacles.

Set realistic expectations and think outside of the box

 Since you have more life experience, you can use it to give your daughter some useful pieces of advice, just do not set unrealistic expectations because she will make mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn from them. No matter what you do, respect her decision because she is an individual who can balance pros and cons on her own. Recommend your teenager to focus on her interests. Career assessments are ideal for narrowing down her career options. Both you and your daughter need to start thinking outside the box when analyzing the options available in terms of professions.  Of course, as a parent, you are thinking about a job that will provide her a decent income. On the other hand, she is a dreamer because she wants to do something that she likes while still being able to support herself. Fortunately, even though it sounds unrealistic, it is possible. You can perfectly interblend work and passion.

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