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One of the biggest problems when it comes to cannabis dependency is the way in which the subject itself is one of great confusion. This comes down to the fact that in a strictly scientific sense, cannabis is not in fact considered to be an addictive substance. However, this does not mean that it is not possible or relatively easy to form a harmful cannabis dependency. Technically speaking therefore, it is just as easy to become addicted to cannabis as it is to any other recreational substance or drug.

The question being – at what point is it necessary to accept that you have a problem and think about seeking professional advice?

Well, the simple answer is that the line tends to be drawn in a different place for each and every individual across the board. Nevertheless, there are a few key questions it may be advisable to ask yourself, in order to determine whether or not you are in fact straying into dangerous territory.

1. Am I consuming more and more cannabis all the time?

For example, one of the first signs of a problem that is spiralling out of control is that of continually using more and more of a drug to achieve the same effect. The more your body becomes familiar with any given drug, the higher the tolerance you build to the drug and subsequently the more you need to feel the same impact. Over time, you may find yourself using exponentially more than you were in the past, to such an extent that you are putting your health at risk.

2. Have I ever tried to cut down or quit and failed?

Once again, this rings true with all drugs and other types of addiction across the board. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have made the decision to cut down or quit something for the sake of your health, you have clearly accepted the fact that it is not doing you any good. However, if you have also failed in your attempts to cut down or quit, it could very well be that you have lost control over your consumption. The fact that you failed suggests that it is indeed the drug itself that has control over you, rather than the other way around.  If you find yourself in such a position, it may be time to seek professional advice.

3.  Can I imagine going a day/week/month without cannabis?

It’s important to bear in mind that there is a big difference between not wanting to go any given period of time without cannabis and feeling that you genuinely couldn’t go without. This is something that often comes into the equation in instances where an individual has made cannabis an integral part of their everyday life. In some instances, they will be entirely aware of the fact that if necessary, they could in fact carry on quite easily without cannabis. In other instances, the very thought of going even a single morning without cannabis available is the kind of thing that leads to genuine anxiety and fear. In the case of the latter, this is exactly the kind of instance in which the very best drug addiction counsellors Harley Street has to offer should be considered.

4. Am I prioritising cannabis above other things?

Another universal sign of harmful addiction or dependency is when the behaviour in question has begun taking priority over and above other, more important areas of life. For example, it could be that your professional life, relationships at home, social relationships and so on are suffering, having taken a backseat to your cannabis use. If this is the case, it once again illustrates that you have in fact lost control over your cannabis use and are allowing the drug to control your life. Should you suspect this is the case, it is definitely worth speaking to the professionals for a little advice and support if necessary.

5. Am I spending money I cannot afford?

Last but not least, it’s also worth asking yourself whether or not the money you are spending on cannabis is actually money you can afford to be spending on a recreational drug. It’s one thing to use a little disposable income to purchase cannabis from time to time, but it is something else entirely if you are struggling to pay your bills, have fallen behind on your rent payments or are generally finding it difficult to make ends meet, yet still spend plenty of money you just don’t have on cannabis. This has the potential to represent the start of a steep and slippery slope into dangerous territory, which is why it is advisable to seek professional assistance at the earliest possible juncture.

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