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Do you have in your family an elderly person who is having problems climbing stair, or perhaps a younger person who, due to unfortunate events, suffers from impaired mobility? If so, you should know that there are many mobility aids on the market nowadays that can help people in need continue to be independent and live a normal life. Stair lifts are a great idea in case you have indoor or outdoor stairs. In case you are thinking to buy a mobility aid like this, here are some of the best rated outdoor stair lifts.

AmeriGlide Rave

Are you looking for a quality outdoor stair chair lift which is easy to mount and durable? If so, then one of the best choices you could make is AmeriGlide Rave. This amazing mobility aid will certainly meet your needs due to its convenient features, such as an arm-mounted operation switch that can detect obstacles and stop when it encounters them and a worm-rack system that provides you safety during your ride to the top or to the bottom of your outdoor stairs. Furthermore, you will find the seat extremely comfortable due to its soft material and adjustable height, and the strong seat belt will certainly make you feel safe at all times. AmeriGlide Rave is without any doubt a highly recommended unit which is also reasonably priced.

Stannah 320

Stannah is a well-known company that produces high-quality stair lifts, for indoors and outdoors as well. If you are looking for any of these units, then you should consider getting a Stannah 320 outdoor stair chair lift. It is important to know that this product can be fitted to the outdoor stairs and not to the wall. It is extremely easy to use and very comfortable. It also comes with alternative control options for right or left handed people, which is absolutely great. The same as the other product in its category presented above, it will stop automatically if it encounters an obstacle. You will be able to use this outdoor stair lift even if it rains, due to its waterproof material. STANNAH 320 is without any doubt a great deal.

Acorn 130

This is another product that needs to be fitted to the stairs and not to the wall and due to this fact it doesn’t require any structural changes to your home. It is an affordable and reliable product and you will certainly be extremely pleased with it. Are you a person with limited dexterity? If so, then you don’t need to worry because Acorn 130 is easy to operate with the lightest of touches. Acorn 130 is without any doubt a product that will certainly meet all your needs and it will ease your life.

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