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If you are feeling adventurous in 2017, maybe you should switch your residence city. Who knows? Maybe there are plenty of places that are for sure better than your current location. Brighton, Peacehaven, Seaford, even their names sound appealing enough to consider moving there. And fun fact, they are all seaside location. And they all have the necessary services to make living here comfortable and enjoyable. Local taxis in Peacehaven are reliable and the chauffeurs so polite! However, let’s see what are some of the best cities to live in, in this magnificent country!

Peacehaven, the families’ heaven!

The traditional seaside resorts in decline (but only as vacation resorts) are perfect for family properties. Under the prices of the properties you generally find here, they are perfect to accommodate rather generous families. In numbers. Individuals buying houses here are paying on average with 22% less than they would have five years ago! If this is not a bargain, we don’t know what is. One of England’s hidden gems, this seaside pieces of heaven has a traditional appeal, without lacking the modern ways of living. Restaurants, plenty of great schools and preschools, great services provided by polite and joyful locals, this is Peacehaven’s core. And it continues to bring flocks of new inhabitants, year after year. Perfect for families, this small city has some of the lowest crime rates around the UK. No wonder that Trip Advisor continues to include it in many of their vacation destinations tops. The flawless services you will find here start with great taxi companies, managing even airport transfers. What is remarkable about them is the great vehicles, the highly educated chauffeurs, and the timely fashion in which they manage every business. The remarkable markets are filled with local products grew in local farms, the great restaurants serving fresh fish meals, they all contribute to our vote for this great city.

Brighton, the seaside spot for liberal families

If UK’s general attitude towards the LGBT community might not always be perfect, Brighton is the perfect for more liberal individuals. The friendly atmosphere, the numerous transportation joints leading to the capital, the great restaurants, they all contribute to the fact that this is one of the most popular destinations for individuals wanting to relocate. The pebble beaches and the fact that nobody is truly embarrassed to embrace the other’s nudity is another factor for this. Oh, you don’t know? Brighton is friendly even with those willing to forget about their swimsuits and sunbathe freely. Speaking about visual stimuli, you should see the town’s architecture. Worth to note is the fact that this city also has great services. If you want to commute to London, simply call a cab and book an airport transfer. These companies have online booking services, perfect for young families always on the run!

These are two of the best cities to live in across England. England’s seaside is truly the perfect spot for families of all kinds!

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