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In general, emigration is a lengthy and complicated process, mostly because of all the paperwork and protocols. More often than not, when people emigrate, alone or with their families, they also want to sell their house, so that they can use the money in their new country and start everything anew. This part can be quite tricky; selling a house is difficult and stressful even in normal circumstances, so emigration will make it even worse. There’s a lot of pressure to complete the transaction fast and tie all loose ends so that you can emigrate without complications. Unfortunately, the traditional home buying process is not suitable for a time sensitive scenario such as the emigration (Source: Ask Susan) and better strategies would be more suitable. These are the most common complications that you could when trying to sell your home prior to emigration and some tips and tricks on how to overcome them.

Get rid of the middlemen

A real estate agent can help you sell your house faster – it’s one the things that homeowners hear again and again. However, relying on middlemen can actually be quite risky, especially when you have to leave the country in a couple of months. Real estate agents aren’t always reliable or fast and they can’t guarantee you that they can find a buyer in the right time frame. They can try, of course, but you can never be sure. To avoid this uncertainty, you should deal with the process yourself and find a buyer. But not just a regular buyer…

Find a reliable home buying company

Home buying companies are the only guaranteed way to sell your house fast, without complications and get a reasonable amount. They accept properties that physical buyers don’t normally accept, including properties in poor condition, and they pay you the money in the fastest time possible. In all the stress of the emigration process, they can make the selling experience much smoother, so that you can focus on other things.  They can buy your home in as little as a couple of days, so no matter how urgent things are, you have a back-up plan.

Overcoming the real estate blockage

Sometimes, even an amazing property can stay on the market for months, for reasons that are outside of the realtor’s control, for example if the real estate market is blocked in your area. In some contexts, houses are hard to sell because there is no demand. Whether the neighborhood isn’t family friendly or the entire city has a problematic economy, your house could stay up for sale for ages, and this can make emigration difficult. After all, you can’t leave the country if the buying process isn’t over in time. Professional home buyers can still buy your house even in tough economic times, so you don’t have to worry about the state of the real estate market.

What if there are legal complications?

Assuming you do find an enthusiastic home buyer through traditional means, legal complications can still arise and delay the transaction. For instance, if they can’t pay the house upfront (which most people can’t!) and they have to get a mortgage, the bank can move quite slowly and the process can take months due to all the appraisals and documents that need to be signed. To avoid all the stress, choose professional home buyers, because they can pay you upfront.

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