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Your best friend’s wedding rapidly approaches and you still have not found the right best man suit. Considering the wide variety of suits available on the market today, truth is it can be rather difficult resort to the right one. Also, if you think about the price, there is no surprise that you may have to spend a fortune on the suit that perfectly matches your criteria. If you want to save more money though, you can look for companies that provide best man suit hire Leicester services, yet you should still pay attention to several details to ensure you select the right one.

It has to fit in the shoulders

No matter what type of suit you are into, the first and most important rule is to ensure it fits you in the shoulders when you put it on. If it is too loose or too tight, it will not look good on you and you may end up making a very bad impression as a best man. Sure, you can take the suit to a tailor and have it fixed to fit you, but only if you buy it first.

Check the sleeves

Another important fashion aspect to pay attention to when hiring a suit is the sleeves. They should not be longer than the hinge of your wrist in order for a sliver of the shirt to peak out and for the cuff to be visible. This will give more elegance to your suit and will make you look astonishing.

Watch for the length of the pants

You have probably seen men walking around in suit pants that are just too baggy or too long and the image they offered was definitely not a good one. Just as in the case of jacket, the pants should be neither too tight, nor too baggy, but they should perfectly fit your silhouette.

A white dress shirt is never a wrong choice

Fashion experts agree that a white dress shirt and a black suit will never make for a bad choice, so as the best man you can definitely go for this option. To add a bit of colour to your outfit you can choose a coloured bow tie for instance.

The design of the suit

The variety of designs for wedding suits is extremely wide, so you do not have to worry about this aspect. Just ensure that you will not overshadow the groom, since it is his event after all.


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