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Unwanted tattoos are a common reality in this day and age. It just so happens that these tattoos are a common issue and almost everyone has such an element painted on their skin. Someone once said that this generation of grandparents is going to be one full of tattoos, which is kind of odd to imagine. A tattoo looks amazing when it is well done, you are young and your skin is beautiful. When you grow old however, its beauty starts to wear off and you no longer find it appropriate. That is when you start to really consider South London tattoo removals. The good news is that there are plenty of studios just waiting to help you. You have to choose wisely, knowing of course all the pros and cons. So, to give you head start, why not consider looking into the advantages of the laser tattoo removal technology? After all this is the most popular of all technologies.

Safety comes first

Laser technology has improved a lot in the last few years. If some time ago, light beams did not do their job right, things have certainly changed now. A lot of people might be frightened at the idea of having to support a powerful light directly on their skin. However, it is relevant to mention that the procedure is safe and it is almost risk free. Additionally, the level of pain involved is low, but this depends on the area on which your tattoo is located. Still, the highest measure of precaution is applying anaesthesia cream.

It is effective

One of the biggest concerns most people have is the result. Some time ago, when laser treatment had not yet been improved, the results were not that great and a lot of people have hold on to this perception. However, a lot has changed and today, the laser light technology functions effectively leaving no scars. The tattoo is perfectly removed.

Quick and simple recovery

It is definitely worth mentioning that an advantage of this procedure is the fact that the recovery is pretty quick and simple. The only aspect you will notice once the laser treatment will be complete is a redness, which is normal. Your only concern for the following day is to adequately protect it from UV radiation. You might also feel a slight discomfort for a couple of days, but that is about it, nothing more. The recovery is pretty simple to deal with.


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